Themes to Consider For Your Next Home Interior Design Project

The interior design of the dining room emphasizes the use of lines in the walls and furniture. The dining room uses lines to accentuate its furnishings, as seen in hanging lamps and dividers. The hanging lights, in particular, have a trapezoidal shape. The chaotic layering of lines helps create a range of profiles on the partitions. 

A good balance of lines and shapes can be achieved in a home through the choice of furniture. The living room uses wall designs and furniture to highlight strong lines and different colours. The geometric shapes and bright colours are prominent in the living room. Carpets and bright colours in the room bring vitality to the life of the home. Use contrasting woodwork in the dining area next to the living room. 

Circle lamps for contrast

It adds a splash of colour with its light blue upholstery. This home has been transformed into a modern and contemporary interior through the clever use of lines and a blend of colours. The straight lines that cut through the living room draw attention to the walls. The curved lines separating the wooden floor add a special touch to the overall design. 

Studio JAP designed this resale two-bedroom flat with a seaside terrace with the spirit of an HDB flat owner who wanted a simple space to hold art classes and let his personality shine through in every little intricate detail of the house. Muji Home is a Japanese-style home designed to be clean and soothing to the eye but functional at the same time. 

The Singaporean homeowner Calvin Ho has moved ten times in the last 15 years. His latest two-bedroom HDB apartment in Tampines features open spaces, straight lines and a modern and contemporary look. Calvin renovated his apartment himself. It took him four months to complete the renovation. Calvin is the first of his kind to design his prefab apartment in the style of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, whose style has been featured in home design magazines for more than a decade. 

The next best thing starry-eyed dreamers can do is incorporate constellations into a bedroom’s walls, as in this one, which uses tiny embedded lights to create a galaxy effect. Travelling to watch the night sky is not a practical idea. The glass walls allow the view from the living room down to the office space and widen it. HDB is not known for being generous when it comes to space tricks, but giving the illusion of a bigger house is remarkable. 

Then come the relaxing resort-style residences, which use neutral colours and tones to calm your senses after a hectic day. I love how the panelled walls elevate them above the polished European homes. Play with different shades of brown to enhance the atmosphere, and place scented candles in the room to make it smell like you’re staying by the sea. 

Give your home a year-round vacation look with a relaxed coastal style, also known as nautical style. Inspired by the beach and waves, this style is similar to the Hampton style. Natural elements line the beach look and accent the colour palette. Look for pieces made of wood, leather, linen, and cotton wool to give the bright Hamptons style a welcoming feel. 

Nautical Styled room can be relaxing yet fun

That being said, we’ve done the footwork for you and compiled a list of interior design firms specialising in contemporary interior design. Icons of interior design are on the list because they are fashionable spaces in their own right. Interior designers like Hoft and Contemporary Interiors are following the trend of in-demand contemporary interiors in Singapore. 

The bedroom is untouched and looks like it could serve as a hotel suite. The light wooden floor adds a touch of cosy, and the hanging rose gold pendant lights illuminate the sides of the bed add a touch of glamour. Soft elements like the wall-sized pillows and headboard add a splash of colour to the room. We never thought there would be a bathroom in an HDB flat, but this one is the epitome of elegance, with black and white marble complementing the rose gold furniture. The backlit mirror is a boon for ladies who need to indicate when the lights are done. 

Most of their homes exude a cosy opulence achieved through a combination of elegant finishes, textures and accessories (think dark wood tones, plush furniture, streamlined cabinets and fixtures). The blank canvas provides the perfect backdrop to make the space seem bright and airy as they tour their homes.

Modern houses of the mid-century draw on past and present influences in interior design. This style of living is the opposite of the giant metal doors that give your home an industrial flair. It is a bold interpretation of style that will help you create a retro, vintage and functional modern home. The word “bohemian” means someone unconventional or engaged in art. It draws on the uniqueness and artistic creativity of the individual to create exciting and rich spaces. Sources: 2

The master bedroom has been converted into a spacious walk-in closet that houses a cosy work area and living area. The rest of the room is devoted to two large floor-to-ceiling cabinets, including a bookcase. It helps to enlarge the already cramped space. Sources: 7

The facades of public apartment blocks have evolved. The first HDB blocks, which stood next to blocks with art deco designs, were brutalists. Nowadays, HDB blocks merge ceiling blocks with taller blocks with more units and 6-8 units per floor. Newer blocks are usually up to 40 storeys high.

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