Tips To Child Proof Your New Condo Unit

It has been a blast covering tips to improve your home. As we all know, all new condos come furnished with furnitures and appliances. Big thank you to New Launch Portal for sponsoring this article. New Launch Portal is Singapore’s New Launch Portal featuring all the latest new condos in Singapore and today we will be covering on how we can better child proof your new condo unit.

In designing many child-friendly living spaces, we have found that many parents advocate a white sofa. It is a familiar maxim that white sofas are automatic and no longer in homes with young children. If something spills, pull off the cover and throw it in the wash. Unlike other colours, you can bleach the white surface, and it will look new. 

Because of the risk of falls, which can be harmful, use wood floors instead of tile, or add patterned rugs in a comfortable style that hides stains. If you want to paint the walls with washable paint, don’t just give the kids one wall so they can let their creativity run wild. Many fun wallpapers will bring out the Picasso in your kids. 

You can create a whole new look affordably. Replace your towels and bath rugs with prints in kid-friendly colours and patterns. You can also try creating storage areas for towels and toys so that kids can get to things that are safe for them. 

Staircase designs are a subtle way to add a bit of a unique personality to your space. A cute way to decorate a small room is to use wallpaper to place small murals on the stairs. You can use the same print at the top and bottom of the stairs or mix and match a few of the same shades like this blue. 

To keep things fresh, go seasonal with kid-friendly decor. Removable wallpaper and murals are quick and easy to decorate large and small spaces with visions of holidays and family traditions. This type of interior design helps keep your home fresh and new for a few months. Get your kids involved by letting them pick out wallpaper or murals for the next holiday, then let them help you hang them. 

For example, consider putting a well-designed art table in the living room so you can spend time together as a family. This will allow you to relax on the couch and keep an eye on your little ones without having to go into the kids’ room to watch them. 

Consider antique seating you are an avid antique collector, don’t worry. You can indulge your passion for antiques while living with kids. Stylish upholstered coffee tables and stools are the perfect solutions for this, advises interior designer Keita Turner. Please pay attention to fabrics. For me. It’s crucial to pay attention to fabrics. I’ve often looked at Victorian heart-shaped chairs for “girls’ rooms” and vintage ice cream parlour chairs and play tables for children’s rooms. 

Another way to protect upholstered furniture is with a slipcover. Depending on the style, you can get a loose-fitting or tight-fitting slipcover that gets dirty quickly (pull it off and chuck it in the wash), or, as I said, a custom slipcover isn’t cheap, so be sure to research what you want beforehand. Once you’ve decided what to buy, research what kind of fabric you’re buying to make sure it will survive in your home. 

If you want a kid-friendly room, make sure picture frames, vases, and decorations are out of reach of children. Too many accessories and clutter in a room will inevitably get in the way of a lively child.

A bookshelf can be useful no matter where you put it. You can turn a corner in the home office into a game corner. A simple cube bookcase can be used as a shelf for toys and books, while the top surface can also be used for adults. Turn any of your furniture into a kid-friendly storage space with the help of baskets and boxes, which you can design to show what’s hiding inside and make your living room feel like it belongs together. 

Kids love hidden storage, and adults love seamless style. There is a whole range of stylish storage options that allow you to find a choice that complements the decor of your living room or family room. You can choose benches, stools, or even hidden storage. Pick-ups and snap-in storage can be equally stylish. 

Stay tuned when it comes to adding warmth to your kitchen. A stylish, family-friendly living room is a goal for many of us. By adding a few key elements, you can create a space where you don’t have to worry about kids playing while having fun with adult friends. 

We firmly believe in the idea that beautiful design and a house full of kids are not mutually exclusive. So if you want to create a kid-friendly living room that combines style and function, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to share some practical and stylish design tips to help you make your living room the ultimate kid-friendly, adult-approved hangout. 

Single-family homes are characterized by high traffic, multi-functionality and stylistic differences. Creating a useful and comfortable interior is key to a family-friendly interior. Deco designer Jessica S. shares her top 5 tips for a family-friendly interior in this post. 

When it comes to decorating your home, one of the first things you should do is keep an eye on your family. You want to include them in your decisions and make sure they like your ideas, especially if they are kid-friendly. 

Things can get pretty uncomfortable in your bedroom. Bookshelves, shag rugs, and comfy pillows that you never have to get up from when you get home from dinner. They won’t mind if you turn their bedroom space into a cosy nook where you can let your imagination run wild. 

As a parent, creating a beautiful home can feel like a real struggle. You want a space that’s safe and inviting for kids, but you don’t want to feel like you’re in a wee-wee playhouse (no offence, wee-wee animals). This struggle is especially real in busy spaces like the living room or family room used daily by both adults and children. 

I want my home to look like the beautifully designed homes you see in magazines. But alas, the walls are adorned with sticky smudges from little hands on the wallpaper. The coffee table is littered with toys and art books. The floor is bare, and the carpet is stained with juices spilt by pets. . 

To enhance the flow of a space, we suggest finding subtle ways to bring colours from room to room. Whether it’s wall colours, fabrics, or accents carried from one room to the next, you can make it work by combining colours in a way that makes your home cohesive and feel cohesive and polished.

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