In-Conversation with Sahil & Sarthak

Founded in 2009 by two young designers, Sarthak Sahil Design Co holds the strong belief that Ethic, Ethnic and Ecology can be interwoven with our contemporary lifestyle. Sahil Bagga and Sarthak Sengupta, both from diverse design backgrounds, have mastered the art of synchronising their individual creative expressions to create projects and objects that are poetic, pragmatic and ASAP, that is, “As Sustainable As Possible”. The duo conceived their partnership while perusing their Masters in Product Service System Design in Italy. Soon after, they were selected by world renowned designer/architect Giulio Cappellini to work on projects for the historical Italian Furniture company, the Poltrona Frau Group.


FP: Where do you draw inspiration from?

S&S:We draw our inspiration from two main sources, that is, Nature and Culture. Our designs are made for an international audience but we always try to stay true to the local spirit of the context that has inspired us to design that product.”

FP: Where would you say you are, at this point in your career as a designer?

S&S:We have reached a stage in our career where our approach towards designing has moved beyond design being a problem solving tool for our clients. Now we are slightly more self-indulgent and try to express the way we view the desires and aspirations of our world today. We feel that a designer should think like a linguist and can narrate the human stories of different cultures and different realities through his or her designs, as this is a more meaningful way to evolve as an international designer.”

FP: How do you see your participation at IFFS 2016 as a foray into the international arena?

S&S:We feel that the market for designer products has expanded in the Far East considerably as compared to the West. This inspires international editors, retailers, distributors, buyers to discover new design ideas that have the imprints and nuances of these markets from the East. IFFS 2016 was a wonderful platform to bring such talents together under one roof.”

FP: Are there any upcoming projects you are working on?

S&S: “We design products and we design projects. We are currently developing a new collection of furniture and lights called “The Jewels of the Sea”, which we plan to launch in February next year.

We are also working on a project in designing a new beach resort in The Andaman Islands. Our effort is to induce local material and local craftsmanship to create a unique experience for the guests. We are trying to capture glimpses of the colonial past of these islands visa-vi the nuances traditional tribal culture that is soon becoming obsolete.

We are also excited to share that one of our furniture has been selected to be showcased at an upcoming design museum in China, as an example of contemporary Asian design.”

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