CCST Global is a lifestyle product company, founded in 2005 by Dutchman Clemens Colsen. Read on to learn more about the
driving force behind Netherlands-based outdoor furniture brand JUST (5B-62)
1) Can you tell us a bit about the origins of CCST?
I guess I myself, and thus CCST, have a quite colourful background. A few highlights: I graduated in business administration, wrote a book about happiness, had two businesses before – a consultancy in Netherlands and a hotel in France – and lived in several countries, namely Indonesia, France, and China. In 2005, I came to Hong Kong and started CCST with the mission to ‘create something new and significant’. The brand ‘JUST’ is now the flagship brand of our furniture business. We firmly believe in the concept of social responsibility, and this is evident in all that we do at JUST. Our pieces are produced sustainably in respectable production facilities, and we also independently fund the JUST foundation, a non-profit organisation that structurally improves the living conditions of disadvantaged, disabled and otherwise stigmatised people

We firmly believe in the concept of social responsibility, and this is evident in all that we do at JUST

2) What do you think contributed to the success of your brand?

A: I think the most important factor is that the people working with and for our brand really feel JUST. Partner factories, investors, and even designers – everyone feels excited to be working with CCST. Take, for example, an exclusive cooperation we embarked on this year with Indonesian producer, Balagi. We jointly created a special collection called ‘Balagi… feels JUST’. Balagi is just as excited about it as we are. Proceeds from the sale of this collection will benefit a group of children in East Timor, Indonesia through the JUST Foundation.

3) How important is ‘design’ to a consumer? What other aspects do you think consumers look out for during purchase?

A: We all know nice designs make people happy, so anyone should refuse to produce or buy anything other than well-designed items. Good designs are available at all price levels and not just at high prices (e.g. IKEA). On the other hand, with good designs readily available out there, consumers are looking for that little extra – the next level, or furniture pieces with ‘soul’. This explains why JUST is well loved by so many people; they feel JUST.

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